Chronicles Of Qedem

A science-fiction narrative intertwined with the codes of the old "Ethanim" which in ancient times, about 5,000 years in the past were known as "Iorei Edey Ha-Merkaváh (Those who Descent from the Divine Chariot)" - a mystery that you can only find to read the book.
Misha'El was inspired to write the "Chronicles of Qédem" in the year "294,766 of Creation" - when, after 21 days of introspection meditation was launched by the images of some Galaxyes that the impact with their beauty. In these final days of meditation went mysteriously to receive the visits of what he calls "The Ancient" which proved to him by the code name of "Ethanim - The 42 Patriarchs of Light." In an afternoon of Saturday, after the "Ritual of Separation - Havdalah", received the visits of the Patriarchs that taught them a powerful prayer called "Blessing of Wisdom" which nobody in the current times had science. The blessing is revealed in the book.
The more Misha'El wrote, received more secrets, which he codified in the "Chronicles" and you shall find - secrets that make up high on planetary ancient civilizations and a secret about the Earth from Isra'El that reveals its origin.
The term "Qédem (Hebrew Qedêm)" is Bible, but is not found in translations of the Bible, instead, he was generally translated into "East" or "ancient" that ended up corrupting the meanings of texts in which it was encrypted. Qedêm that the writer turned into "Qédem" refers to a place in the universe where G´d created the Garden of Eden, and where they came from the first extraterrestrial civilizations that came to the Assyrian, as shown by the text of the Bible translated correctly:
"It was traveling from Qedêm they found a valley in the land of Shiner and inhabited there - (Genesis 11:2)."
It was there that tried to build the giant portal that was called by the code name of "Tower of Babel" whose origin is the Assyrian word "Bab-Ilu - Portal Of G´d." They just wanted to go home. Qedêm results in the calculation of the Hebrew letters that form in the (Gimatria) "144".
This fascinating story - is only a fiction or a scientific truth - only the time and studies show readers of the future.
Many secrets revealed by "Ethanim" stayed on annotations made by the author in his diaries, and he decided not to publish, and only the most intimate access to them. The work consumed two long years between meditations and the final process of writing. Entire chapters came through dreams, moments of trance and writing almost intuitive.
Embarking on this fantastic journey towards a distant galaxy where lies the planet Aur, in the universe known as "Planet of the Divine Light" and home to the Sekudot.
About the Author

Misha'El Yehudah Ben Yisra'El was born in Bethlehem in the neighborhood of Sao Paulo in the year of 1966. Writer, musician multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Rabbi Anussim movement, fund in 2000 "The Group Aisha Há'Or " with the aim of bringing together the children of Jewish dispersion. In 2007 he created and founded the "WideWorld Cabalistic Association - Gara Kulam Moshav." One of the most profound mystics of the 21st century in Brazil, Misha'El works tirelessly for the elevation of humanity through Wisdom.